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Who needs girlfriends when your one of three sisters!!!   How lucky are these three gals, to have a gal pal around all the time.  I know my daughter (who is has three brothers) would just love to have a few extra gal pals around the house!!!

It was lovely to meet ya’ll,  had a great time Saturday afternoon……..  we beat the weather, braved the cold, got the dog all muddy (oops – sorry), and fought with the light………… lol.   Yep, its official your little family rocks:) Enjoy your sneak peek, and your wonderful exteneded vacation – I will see you with the rest when you get back:)

  • Chelsea Kay Ardrey :) - Love them :) You did an amazing job…

  • Kym - So glad you love them – you’all are such beautiful girls :)

  • Josh - Some great shots Kym

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Spent last Saturday afternoon doing portraits with these three gorgeous kiddos!!!!!!  Such great kids – super fun personalities and super good looking!!!  I had a great time with ya’ll – it was nice to meet you “J” – hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I will see you soon with the rest.

  • Jen Stocks - These are absolutely divine. THe colours and light are magical, and the subjects are gorgeous!

  • Kym - Thanks Jen :)

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It always makes me smile when I see my returning clients:)  I first photographed this gorgeous little girl in the Spring of 2010, always amazes me how quickly children develop and grow:)

It was so nice to see you again ‘J & L’ – your little girl is just as beautiful now as when I photographed her:)    Enjoy your sneak peek and I will be in touch soon so you can see the rest ……..

  • Julie Ivanova - I love them! Amazing job again Kym, there absolutely breathtaking. So pleased and can’t wait to see the rest. Looks like we have a difficult task of choosing which ones to keep.. Thank you so much.

  • Jen Stocks - Beautiful. Again, gorgeous light. Gorgeous colours. She is beautiful

  • Josh - So cute Kym!

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This sneak peek is a little different to most – its not just a sneak peek for lovely ‘J’ whose beautiuf face fearures in this blog post, but also a sneak peek of something new I have been preparing to launch for a while!!  Chic Couture Portraiture – my version of gorgeous stylish and fashionable beauty shots that make you look like you just jumped on the cover of vogue magazine.   Look out for a blog post soon when I fully launch these new an exciting sessions…….  In the mean time, enjoy your sneak peek ‘J’ (and you to ‘M’) – hope you love your pics as much as I do!

And of course – heres a little preview for you ‘J’ of few of my classic ‘Kym Berry’ shots!!!  Enjoy………………

  • Michelle - Kym these are beautiful, we can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for such a great day.

  • Kym - Thanks Michelle, so so glad you love them – your daughter is beautiful!!

  • sheila higgins - love them kym!!

  • Jen Stocks - So pretty! She is a stunner!

  • Paula Gray - Always a big fan of your kym , so amazing your images are like art ,

  • Kym - Thanks Paula :)

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